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Care And Maintenance

Carpet care and maintenance tips from Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpets get dirty—it's a fact of life. But if you just let the problems pile up, those snags, spills, and everyday accidents can make your carpets look old and dingy. Follow these proper maintenance tips and damage-control strategies to keep your carpeted floors cozy, clean, and looking like new for years to come.

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Vacuum Regularly

It's obvious that vacuuming keeps your carpets clean, but this common chore is also the key to ensuring they stay looking like new. Dirt has abrasive qualities, and when it's repeatedly ground into the carpet by everyday foot traffic, it can actually erode the backing over time. Vacuuming once a week (twice a week in busy areas) can remove up to 75 percent of the dirt and debris and prevent your carpet from aging before its time.

Consider using a robot vacuum as well for daily cleaning in addition to your weekly vacuuming routine.

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Carpet Runners and Furniture Coasters

Hallways, carpeted stairs, and rooms that experience a lot of foot traffic need a little extra attention. You may want to consider strategically layering an area rug or runner as another form of prevention, as it's much easier (and cheaper) to replace these temporary coverings when they become soiled from dirt or spills.

Prevent damaging and discolouring indents caused by heavy items such as furniture with sharp legs or wheels, by placing coasters under these items.

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Spills and Stains

Though most carpets are treated with several stain resistant and soil retardant chemicals, no carpet is completely stain- proof. So, the most effective way to treat a spill is quickly, before the stain has a chance to set. Blotting up spills and spots with a clean, white, absorbent cloth or paper towel will make removal easier. For semi-solid spills, spoon them up with a rounded spoon and break up solid matter before vacuuming thoroughly. DO NOT rub, scrub or brush stains, it only makes them harder to remove and more prominent.

See more detailed information on home spot removal, click on our Carpets Stain Solutions Guide.

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Professional Cleaning

Nothing can extend the life of your carpet more than regular professional cleanings. Carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction cleaning every 18-24 months. If your carpet is exposed to pets, children, or excessive traffic annual cleaning may be more appropriate.

For careful, thorough and professional carpet cleaning, trust your fine carpets to Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care. In fact, why not call today?

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The two biggest enemies of carpet are children and pets, but adults can cause carpet stains as well. Coffee, soft drinks, food spills, and normal wear and tear can all be mitigated with stain protection. Stain protection may not protect your carpet against pet urine and certain types of spills, but it does increase the likelihood of at least lightening the stain to make it less noticeable.

Reliable Carpet and Fabric Stain Guard can help protect your carpets against stains and make them easier to keep clean.