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At Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care we know a thing or two about carpet, rug and upholstery care and we enjoy sharing our knowledge when we can. We get questions from customers all the time and we do our level best to answer them to the very best of our knowledge. Below are some of the question we are most frequently asked, but if you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

General Questions

That's easy – the stain on a company's reputation is certainly the most difficult stain to remove. That is why it is the policy of Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care's management, staff and technicians to always try to "go the extra mile" to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services.

Reliable has several hundred reviews submitted primarily to Google, Yelp and Homestars. In every case, they are checked and verified by Google, Yelp or Homestars prior to appearing online. As well, Reliable has never – ever - paid for nor offered a discount in exchange for a good review. Our policy is that such action would be cause for immediate termination.

Carpet Cleaning F.A.Q.

A lot of factors come into play when determining optimal carpet cleaning intervals, the most important being your manufacturer's warranty. Most manufacturers recommend professional, hot water extraction cleaning every 12 months. If you have indoor pets, kids, or suffer from allergies, more frequent cleaning is recommended (every 6-9 months).

We will require access to a threaded water faucet. Any spots or areas of concern should be noted during the pre-cleaning inspection, so our technicians can effectively treat these areas. Remove any loose or breakable items from furnishing to be moved. It is also best to secure pets and children somewhere outside of the area to be cleaned.

We will remove and replace most furniture (with the exception of large, heavy items and electronic equipment). We do ask that you clear loose and breakable items from the furniture we will be moving.

Generally, it takes 20 to 30 minutes per room to properly clean your carpets. Of course, this timeline varies based on the amount of furniture to be moved, the degree of soiling, and any stain removal treatments that need to be applied.

Typically carpets will dry within a day. We encourage you to keep pets and small children off the carpet during this time. Also, be aware that dirty shoes that can transfer soil to your newly clean carpet. Use caution when walking from damp carpeting onto adjacent wood or tile floors as wet feet can cause one to slip and fall.

Yes. We use hot water extraction to clean your carpets and once completed this process leaves no harsh chemicals in your carpets.

We cannot guarantee that all spots and stains will be removed. There are substances that can permanently discolour your carpet's fibres. The age and type of carpet fibres also play a part. Our technician will try to determine this before cleaning, but it may not always be possible before trying to remove the stains.

No. That problem occurs from residues left in the carpet that attract dirt. This is caused by detergents used in the cleaning process that are not rinsed properly and completely. We use low residual cleaning agents, and our hot water extraction with a non-residual rinse eliminates this problem.

Carpet protector is the finishing touch to having your carpet and/or upholstery cleaned. A specially formulated protector can be professionally applied to help your carpet resist stains and soiling from dry dirt, and both water and oil-based spills. This layer of protection gives you more time to clean up spots and spills before they soak in and become permanent. This helps your carpet to look its best between cleanings, and makes vacuuming easier.

The IICRC, with industry-wide participation, certifies and develops certifications and standards for inspection, cleaning and restoration. Among other things the IICRC sets the standards for carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning companies. Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care Inc is a member in good standing of the INSTITUTE OF INSPECTION, CLEANING AND RESTORATION CERTIFICATION (IICRC) (now known as Clean Trust)

All carpet warranties are different, but most manufacturers require that you have your carpet professionally cleaned with hot water extraction at least every 12 months. Some manufacturers require more frequent cleaning. You should read your warranty paperwork to determine what criteria you must meet.

Our hot water extraction cleaning methods will generally remove most pet stains and odours, however, in extreme cases pet urine can permanently stain your carpets. Our technician will try to determine this before cleaning, but it may not always be possible before trying to remove the stains.

Yes, Reliable Carpet Fabric and Stain Guard has been developed to respond to the demand for an economical protection system for average carpet and upholstery traffic.

Rug Cleaning F.A.Q.

Yes, Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care will pick up your rugs and clean them at our exclusive 7 stage gentle rug cleaning plant here in Toronto. After giving them the finest rug cleaning and restoration treatment, we will deliver them to your home or business looking like new. If you prefer, you can drop off and/or pick up your rug during normal business hours and a discount will be applied to the cleaning charges.

It takes between 7 to 10 business days, depending on the rug and the particular repair and cleaning being done. For your convenience, we will be happy to schedule a delivery date and time when we return your area rug.

Reliable Carpet Care has been entrusted with cleaning area rugs valued at over $3 million and guarantee to look after your precious heirloom rugs and investment pieces.

Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care can clean virtually any area rug. Unlike many rug cleaning companies, we specialize in cleaning delicate rugs of all kinds, including Persian rugs, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Silk rugs, antique and handmade rugs.

Yes, we offer professional rug repair services for rugs of all types. Call us to have a professional rug specialist evaluate your rug for repair.

Yes, we can appraise your antique, heirloom, generational, and investment rugs.

Upholstery Cleaning F.A.Q.

Manufacturers typically recommend having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 12-24 months depending on use. If your upholstered fabrics are under warranty, we recommend that you review your warranty to ensure that you are meeting manufacturer recommended guidelines.

Yes, we can. We’ll test your fabric to determine which cleaning method will be the safest and most effective. That tag, or “Manufacturer Liability Code,” is required to recommend “a” cleaning method even though it may not be the most effective method for removing soil.

While professional cleaning may impact the protective coating on your furniture, the dry soils that accumulate on it over time, along with the strain of daily living, cause this coating to deteriorate. To keep your valuable upholstered furniture protected from the damage of dry soil, we can re-apply this coating following cleaning.

Your specific upholstery fabric will determine which cleaning method we use. While the cleaning method along with optional protector application determines the drying time, typical dry time ranges from 6-12 hours.

Yes, we are one of the few GTA companies fully trained and with extensive experience in cleaning specialty and antique fabrics, such as silk, brocades and Haitian Cotton. Your valuable antiques are safe with Reliable.

Yes, Reliable Carpet Fabric and Stain Guard has been developed to respond to the demand for an economical protection system for average carpet and upholstery traffic.

Yes, whether a veneer or the finest Tuscany leather, we give you a professional leather cleaning that leaves your upholstery supple and luminescent.

Commercial Services F.A.Q.

Many of our commercial customers are Multi-Tenant Facilities, Medical Offices, Schools, Preschools and Day Care, Houses of Worship, Auto Dealerships, Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Property Managed Buildings, etc. Some of these require only occasional or periodic service, whereas others may hire us to perform certain cleaning services at regularly-scheduled times or on an as-needed basis. A good example of the latter might be cleaning the carpets in a newly-vacated apartment or office space.

Our staff will be in uniform for all visits and will typically arrive in a company vehicle.

No. We typically provide our services during non-business hours to ensure minimal disruption at your facility.

Yes. We will work with you to schedule the optimal cleaning time for your location.

Certainly. We have many such customers for whom we provide regularly-scheduled services. Please contact our office to inquire further and obtain a competitive quote.

Yes. We do manage large commercial projects. The theatre at Harbourfront Center is a great example.

Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care is dedicated to providing a safe and hassle free experience to our clients. We do background checks on all employees and require that they follow our strict code of conduct.

Yes. We are fully bonded and insured to give you piece of mind while we perform our services.

Generally a meeting is scheduled to tour the premises, discuss any problem areas, and review the details of the work you wish done. Then we will provide a written quote for the job, which you will find quite competitive.