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Pets and Their Odours
Everything You Need To Know

Where Are Pet Odours Hiding?

If you have pets, you have undoubtedly dealt with the occasional 'accident' with regard to your pets. These 'accidents' are only one source of pet odours in your home; pet hair and dander are culprits too. Pet odours are everywhere; they are hiding in your carpet, your bedding, your upholstery, and even your draperies.

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Pet Odours In Your Carpets

The vast majority of pet odours in your home likely reside in your carpet. On the carpet is where your pet spends the majority of their time and carpet is a magnet for nearly everything that stinks about your pet. Carpets can hold odours from dander, hair, skin cells, and all those little 'accidents'.

Regular vacuuming can help with the hair and dander, and quick cleanup can mitigate the severity of those 'accidents'. Still, over time these odours will build up and your carpets will require a professional cleaning.

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Pet Odours In Your Rugs

What is true of your carpets, is true of your rugs where pet odours are concerned. Like carpet, the fibers that make up your area rugs are masters at trapping and holding pet odours. Again, regular vacuuming will help, but to get your rugs thoroughly clean, you need a professional.

Reliable's 6-step rug cleaning process, performed at our state of the art facility, will eliminate most pet stains and odours. In fact, we'll even pick up your rugs and return them to you looking and smelling like new.

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Pet Odours In Your Upholstery

If you are like most pet lovers, you occasionally let Fido on the furniture. If you're a cat owner, your feline friend never even asked for permission. Like other fabrics in your home, upholstery is a pet odour absorber.

Regular, thorough cleaning of your upholstery is the only way to keep your furniture fresh and Reliable can help! Our trained technicians will remove pet hair, dander, stains and odours from your upholstered furniture in one convenient visit to your home.

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Pet Odours In Your Mattresses

Do your pets sleep with you at night? Do they sleep in your bed without you when you're gone? Chances are your bedding and mattress are harbouring pet odours.

It's been said that mattresses double in weight every 8 years due to dead skin cells, dust mites and their droppings, pet hair and dander. While there is no scientific study to support this claim, it is true that these contaminants build up in your mattress over time. If your pets are contributing their unique odours, it may be time for a professional mattress cleaning from Reliable.

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Pet Odours In Your Draperies

Believe it or not, even your window treatments are not immune to pet odours. Pet hair and dander (and some male pets) can be leaving unpleasant odours on your draperies and blinds.

Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care can help remove pet hair, dander, and odours from your draperies and window treatments. We used powerful steam cleaning and deodorizing techniques to leave your window treatment looking, feeling, and smelling like new!