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Expert Fine Rug Appraisal

Certified Fine Rug Appraisals | Antique, Heirloom and Generational Rugs

Toronto's Fine Rug Appraisal Specialists

Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care provides expert certified appraisal services for fine rugs of all types. Many appraisers only estimate the replacement value of your rugs, and while appropriate for insurance purposes, these appraisals can be very misleading when it comes to selling your rug. Reliable will provide you with replacement value and resale value estimates for your antique, heirloom, and generational rugs. In order to provide accurate appraisals, our fine rug specialists follow a six step appraisal process.

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Quality is a combination of materials and process and is an important factor when determining the value of any your area rug. We assess in particular the quality of the wool, dyes, and weave.

As is true of most things, the better the materials, the better the end product. High quality wool and silk is an obvious sign of quality.

In addition to quality textiles, high quality dyes are an important factor in producing attractive, high-end rugs. For instance, vegetable-dyes are far superior than chemical-dyes in appearance and can take years of experience to master. Naturally, vegetable-dyed pieces are far more valuable.

Of the three main categories of Oriental rug - machine-made, hand-tufted, and hand-woven - only the hand-woven rug is truly handmade and naturally fetches the highest values.

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The best rugs are designed and woven by experienced, adult weavers who practice their craft with artistic flair and incredible attention to detail. These men and women are true artists and are well paid for their work. Unfortunately, these artists rarely 'sign' their works, and it is uncommon for recognition to extend beyond their own village. Still, even without an artist's name a trained eye can determine the quality of craftsmanship by evaluating a few key indicators.

  • Colour - colour selection and overall palette are integral to the rug's overall appeal and represent an artist's vision. Experienced craftsmen are experts at creating beautiful and timeless colour schemes.
  • Complexity - The more intricate and complex the design of your rug, the more time and expertise required to craft it. Most novice craftspeople will shy away from such difficult projects.
  • Symmetry - Symmetry in the rug's size, the construction of knots in the rug, and in the design itself are all tell-tale signs of a highly skilled craftsperson.
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Country of Origin

The country of origin is an important consideration when determining value for both new and antique rugs. Cost of labour varies greatly from one country to the next and impacts the pricing of the rug, particularly where newer rugs are concerned. A new rug crafted in one country may well be worth less than the same rug produced in a neighbouring country. This is more a reflection of economy than quality.

In some cases however, country of origin can greatly affect the perceived quality of a fine rug, particularly where antique rugs are concerned. Some specific regions, villages and even tribes are historically renowned for their craftsmanship or design and these items can command higher prices.

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One of the most important considerations when assessing the value of your fine rug is its overall condition. Of particular concern are areas of wear and fraying, stains, colour running, discolouration, punctures, tears, and moth damage.

Our fine rug specialists will thoroughly examine your rug for any areas of concern and make suggestions with regard to corrections and repairs where appropriate. It is important to note that while repairs may add value to some rugs, very rare, or very old rugs may be more valuable if left unaltered. The experts at Reliable can help guide you in this regard.

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Rug designs are as varied as the people who create them. It is generally true that more complex designs are harder to execute and therefore of greater value, there are no “preferred” designs that are conclusively more valuable than others. In fact, over time the design of a rug has much less to do with value than other factors like quality, craftsmanship, and age.

Design value (aside from complexity) is assigned based on current market trends and may retain this 'added value' over time. Antique rugs that fit the fashion of the day are appraised higher, while rugs that are out of fashion have lower value.

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Age by itself does not necessarily increase the value of a rug. Age relative to condition, on the other hand, is one of the most important considerations that certified appraisers make when determining a rug’s value. Generally, the older the rug is, and the better its condition, the higher its value.

Well cared for rugs will show little sign of wear, tearing, or fraying, colours should be bright and harmonious, but with the luxurious patina that only comes with age.

There are certain rugs that hold enough value that even if they are in need of some repair or restoration, the overall value of the rug may be well worth the investment.