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Professional Rug Cleaning

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Toronto's Area Rug Cleaning Specialists

Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care will pick up your Oriental, Persian, Chinese, or Indian carpets and decorator rugs and clean them at our exclusive gentle rug cleaning plant here in Toronto. Our rug cleaning plant is the most advanced, comprehensive rug cleaning operation in Toronto. Our highly trained rug technicians will meticulously clean and restore your rugs to look like new. After giving them the finest rug cleaning and restoration treatment, we will deliver them to your home or office free of charge!

Six Steps To A Thoroughly Clean Rug

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Pre-wash Inspection

We carry out a thorough pre-inspection of every rug before it is cleaned. Pre-Inspection is very important as it brings to our attention anything which we may feel needs to be mentioned to the client prior to cleaning and also allows us to adapt our cleaning process depending on what is discovered.

Many times soil can cover up dye lot variations (abrash), fibre staining, prior dye bleeding, worn areas, or white knots that become “uncovered” after the wash. Some of these are weaving characteristics (abrash and white knots), and others are damage that can possibly be repaired or reversed.

The pre-wash inspection is an important first step to ensure that proper cleaning methods are employed throughout the remainder of the process.

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Dye and Ph Testing

When the yarn used to make a rug is dyed it goes through a process of being set called the mordant process (from the Latin 'modere', to bite). This involves using a metal salt which helps the dye to bind with the fibres. The wool is then rinsed to remove any excess dye which remains in the yarn. The lack of running water in some areas of the Middle East means that some rugs will contain wool which has not been rinsed properly and can therefore bleed.

We use ph testing for two very important reasons. First, it allows us to identify any unusual spots or stains which may be present. By determining what caused the spots we are able to pre-treat these areas more effectively. Second, we ph test to make sure that a rug is not in an alkaline state. Dyes used in rugs are acid and any serious altering of the fibre's ph results in destabilizing of the dye-fibre bond. A rug which has previously been cleaned using alkaline chemicals and not rinsed properly may have a ph which is not acidic. Repeated cleaning in this way can eventually cause a rug to bleed. Rugs which show an alkaline ph reading are corrected prior to cleaning.

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Mechanical Beating and Air Dusting

A rug can hold up to a pound of dirt per square foot before it even looks dirty. In fact, studies have proven that over 75% of the soil found in a rug will be dry particulate matter. All this dry soil and grit wears the rug down and damages the fibres over time as people walk over it. This soil must be fully removed prior to cleaning otherwise the washing process will create 'mud' which will 'wick' back up the fibres during the drying process.

Merely vacuuming the rug or manually beating it will not remove all the dry soil. We use an industrial dusting machine which 'shakes and beats' the dust and debris out of the foundation of the rug at high speed. We then use a specially modified compressed air machine to completely remove all the loosened soil from the rug.

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Full Immersion Wash

Once dye testing shows that the dyes are stable we wash the rug in our 20ft 'rug pit' using cold water and mild ph shampoos. Mild agitation is sometimes needed using specialized machines with soft brushes. This system of washing is the safest and most effective way to clean the rug as it doesn't rely on using hot water, steam or any harsh alkaline chemicals. Full water immersion also means the rug is cleaned all the way through to the backing and the fringes are thoroughly soaked.

Full immersion washing is safer for fibres as the water acts as a 'buffer' when using specialist soft brushing machines for agitation. It is safer for wools as only mild Ph shampoos and cold water are used, and it leaves fringes much whiter than any other cleaning method.

We carry out all cleaning procedures under water, shampooing both sides of the rug, shampooing the fringes, manually rolling the back of the rug to open fibres, and using air compression wands to remove emulsified soil.

rug cleaning toronto

Hanging and Drying

Our rugs are fully rinsed with cold water, passed through specially designed rollers to squeeze out excess moisture, and hung in our drying tower. The quicker they dry, the safer. Rugs which are left drying for days in humid conditions are at a much greater risk of developing unwanted results such as browning and dye bleed. Our approach is to hang rugs in our drying room overnight which is temperature and humidity controlled. Because they are hung up, air is able to pass over both sides of the rugs with moisture being pumped out of the room.

Using this process allows us to dry your rugs faster (typically within 24 hours). This reduces the chance for mold or mildew to take root and allows us to return your rug sooner. We test your rug with hydro-sensors to ensure they are fully dried and then move them on to the grooming stage.

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Fringe Finishing and Grooming

Once cleaned, the nap needs to be groomed with horse hair brushes in the correct direction before the rug is dry. This procedure ensures that the pile will reflect light in one direction and not leave shaded areas after drying. The more thorough the grooming process, the better the appearance and feel of the rug once dry.

Once rugs have been cleaned and dried the fringe is inspected to ensure that it is as clean as possible. One of the main advantages of our immersion washing is that fringes can be cleaned to an excellent standard. However if for any reason after cleaning the fringe remains slightly soiled, we use specialized solutions to enhance its appearance.

What Other Homeowners Are Saying ...

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  • "I can honestly say, customer service is a top priority for Reliable Carpet. My rug looks as good as new. Appreciate how engaging the owner is and the professionalism of the staff. " Take Note Store in Toronto on Google

  • "Area rug cleaning - Tech Tsultrim was able to pick up my area rug the same day I called about cleaning. The coffee I spilled was removed with the regular cleaning service. He was very prompt and courteous, removing his shoes upon entering my place. My experience with Reliable was excellent."Pam Cardwel in Toronto on Google

  • "I asked Reliable Carpet to clean 2 of my long-neglected rugs, and to give me a quote for the cost of repairing one of them. Jasmine and Steven were professional and courteous. The pickup and delivery service was on time. Steven helped me move my heavy furniture off of, and back on to the rug. The person I spoke to about the repair was up front about the cost. It was easy to make an informed decision. The rugs now look beautiful, and are soft to the touch. A great job!" Aubrey D., Leslieville on Yelp

  • "Recently my dog got sprayed by a skunk and the odor was on three family heirloom rugs. I didn't want to throw out the rugs so I did a Google search and found Reliable Carpet. I'm so glad I found them because they did a fantastic job cleaning and deodorizing the rugs as well as steam cleaning my upholstered furniture. Everything looks new and fresh. They were also really prompt with replying to my emails and getting the job done within the time they specified." Andrea in Toronto on Homestars

  • "They make sure the customer is satisfied. Happy to support a neighbourhood business. The owner, Stephen, inspired confidence when we spoke. Frank arrived promptly and did a terrific job of cleaning 2 upholstered chairs and a carpet. When I discovered after he left that there was still cat hair on the carpet, I called Lindsay who made sure that I would be completely happy with their service. The next day, Tsultrim came and took the carpet back and used an industrial vacuum. He was very cheerful and confident and now all the cat hair is gone! They are more than reliable: they are great!" Liz T. in Toronto on Yelp

  • "The service was very professional and efficient, both the pick up and delivery were on time. Tsultrim was very nice and helpful and was willing to help out with rolling up and placing the rug down. My rug looked brand new after cleaning, would definitely recommend!" Francesca G. in Toronto on Yelp

  • Fabulous People And Cleaning Services. My 5-year old area rugs were picked up and delivered on schedule (shout out to Tsultrim!) and now look practically brand new! I also had Ivan come in to clean one leather couch and a fabric arm chair and he did a wonderful job. My furniture looks rejuvenated. Thanks so much. I am very impressed with the services and highly recommend this company." J. Lamarre in Toronto on Homestars

  • I am very happy with the results of our area rug cleaning. Our puppy had used it as his dinner plate at times, and, to my horror, as a potty training pad! So there were quite a few stains. The price was affordable and Tsultrim, our technician, was friendly and prompt. They offer a 20% discount if you drop off the rug, but we opted for pick up and delivery. I would definitely use this service again." Cathy Katrib-Reyes in Toronto on Google

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