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Expert Rug Repair

Professional rug repair services. Fringe Repair | Serging | Edge Binding | Patching | Re-weaving. Free pick-up and delivery!

Toronto's Area Rug Repair Specialists

Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care offers a wide range of specialty rug repair and restoration services in our Toronto facility. Our rug craftspeople are highly trained and experienced in servicing all the popular machine or hand-made rugs, such as Persian, Iranian, Afghan, Moroccan, Turkish, Chinese, Navajo and so forth. Depending on your rug’s condition and the financial and personal/sentimental value of the rug, we can offer different levels of restoration from simple patching to complete reweaving.

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Repairing the Fringing

The fringe on your hand woven rugs is not just decoration. The strands that produce these knotted tassels are actually the foundation of the rug, together they comprise the 'skeleton' over which the rest of the rug is woven. Over time, even normal wear can cause the fringes on your area rugs to tear, come untied, or simply wear off. If yours is a hand woven rug, these worn fringes can threaten the integrity (and value) of your rug.

Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care's rug repair experts can determine the extent of the damage and make appropriate repairs to ensure the integrity of your fine area rugs.

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Re-Serging the Edges of the Area Rug

During construction the sides of your Oriental rug is fastened or "serged" with a thread of cotton, wool or synthetic blend. This serging protects the rug's edges and keeps them from unraveling; it also gives the rug a clean, finished appearance.

If the outside edges of your area rug are wearing out or unraveling, your rug may require reserging. Reserging is a process where the threading is carefully selected for colour and type by our tailor and woven by machine, or by hand into the edge of your rug. The new threading reinforces and preserves the rug's foundation and keeps the knots from unraveling.

rug repair toronto

Re-Binding the Edges of the Rug

Tufted carpeting made into rugs usually have binding on the edges to prevent them from fraying and deliver an attractive and elegant appearance.

Like serging, area rug binding can wear over time. When these become damaged and repair is in order, call on Reliable's professional rug repair services. We will take a narrow ribbon of an appropriate textile and secure it over the raw edging of your rug.

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Patching Holes in the Rug

There are many circumstances that can cause holes in your area rugs. Excessive wear, moth damage and even small punctures and tears can result in relatively large holes over time. It is strongly recommended that when holes are discovered that the patching be done as soon as possible, to avoid additional damage.

If the damage is detected early enough our rug repair experts can patch small holes and tears to restore the appearance of your rug. Our craftspeople are experts at such patching, and you will be thrilled at the results!

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Reweaving your Oriental Area Rug

In some cases where damage is extensive, we may recommend that sections of your area rug undergo reweaving. This is a meticulous and delicate process, but is invariably the preferred method to return the rug to its original pristine condition.

Rug reweaving is the process of reconstructing torn and disintegrated areas of a rug. In this process, the damaged area of the rug is cut out entirely, a new foundation is sewn in its place, and the missing area is completely rewoven from scratch.

What Other Homeowners Are Saying ...

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  • "I asked Reliable Carpet to clean 2 of my long-neglected rugs, and to give me a quote for the cost of repairing one of them. Jasmine and Steven were professional and courteous. The pickup and delivery service was on time. Steven helped me move my heavy furniture off of, and back on to the rug. The person I spoke to about the repair was up front about the cost. It was easy to make an informed decision. The rugs now look beautiful, and are soft to the touch. A great job!" Aubrey D., Leslieville on Yelp

  • "Steven, Lindsay and the entire crew at Reliable were knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. They expertly cleaned some wall-to-wall carpeting and did a remarkable job at cleaning and repairing several older fine rugs. I was thrilled with the results. Would definitely use them again!\"C from N.Toronto on Yelp

  • "Stephen and his associates did an extraordinary job of cleaning and repairing carpets that had been damaged ... I couldn't believe the work they did in cleaning the pile and repairing fringes on a larger carpet, and a smaller carpet that I was ready to give away was repaired so meticulously that I decided to keep it ... The edges were wrapped with complementary weaving and the fringes were repaired, with slipstitching to hold it all in place." Elaine, Toronto

  • "6 Rugs Cleaned - I would like to thank Tsultrim for his efficient wonderful service in getting my carpets cleaned on time and exactly as promised. He phoned me on a possible problem with one of my rugs before beginning the project. The problem was solved quickly without any worries on my part. Very pleased. Will definitely use this company again." Margaret in Toronto on Homestars

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