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Reliable Sanitizing Services
Removing Stubborn Odours and Combating Allergens

Why Use Reliable's Sanitizing Services

Over time the fabrics and textiles in your home capture odours and allergens. Even if you do not have pets, children, or smokers in your home, your carpets, rugs and upholstery will still absorb common household odours and allergens. Reliable's sanitizing and deodourizing services can help eliminate these odours and leave your entire home smelling fresh and clean.

If it has been more than two years since you had your carpets and upholstery cleaned, or if you have allergy sufferers in your home, you'll be amazed what a difference we can make!



Sanitizer or Deodourizer is a treatment added during or after the cleaning process which reduces odours and allergens as well as smoke and dust mites.

It is used widely on carpets and upholstery that have not been cleaned in more than two years to help revitalize the fabric, and in homes where odours are present.


Enzyme Treatments

Enzyme treatment is a more robust form of sanitization. Active enzymes eliminate odour from mould, pet urine, food, garbage and skunk.

Usually applied before and after the cleaning process, the enzymes continue to break down bacteria causing odour until the fabric is fully dry. We highly recommend this treatment on any fabric to ensure the best possible results.

smoke odours

Smoke Odours

Smoke odour is one of the most difficult odours to mitigate because it permeates nearly everything. Carpets, rugs, upholstery, window trimmings, and bedding are just a few of the textiles in your home that can harbour smoke odours. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your home can greatly improve indoor air quality and leave your home smelling fresh.

cooking odours

Cooking Odours

Like smoke odours, cooking odours can become embedded in virtually any fabric in your home and while regular cleaning helps, it will not remove all of these stubborn odours. Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care's sanitizing services can help rid your home of these stubborn odours and leave your home smelling fresh and new!

mold odours

Mould and Mildew

Moulds typically grow and thrive in warm, moist environments and though it may seem dry, your carpets represent a very comfortable environment for these odour causing organisms. Carpet and upholstery fibers are good at trapping moisture and over time that moisture promotes the growth of mould and mildew, leaving your home smelling musty and unpleasant.

pet odours

Pet Odours

We love our pets, but when it comes to smelly carpets, our pets are often to blame. From soiling our carpets with urine and feces to tracking in dirt and moisture, our pets are a primary source of carpet odours. Even if your pets are house-broken, over time pet dander, wet coats, and outdoor odours build up in the fibres of your carpets and can be very difficult to remove.

dust mites

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on the dead skin cells that we humans naturally shed and they are present in every home. Dust mite droppings can contain up to 20 known allergens which go airborne every time we walk on carpet, sit on upholstered furniture, or change our bedding. Sanitizing your home on a regular basis can help keep dust mites in check and improve indoor air quality.



The carpets and other fabrics in your home are havens for a variety of harmful bacteria. In fact, according to Men's Health magazine, the average indoor carpet contains up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. These bacteria can include everything from E.coli to salmonella. The best way to mitigate the risks that these bacteria pose is to have your carpets cleaned and sanitized regularly.