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Mattress Matters

A person can go crazy worrying about all the bugs, pollutants and bacteria that might be hiding in your bed.  Yuck.  Renown microbiologist Philip Tierno, PhD, in his book, The Secret Life of Germs writes: “I can think of no single place that challenges a person immunologically day in and day out more than a mattress.” Problem: Various normal body excretions (sweat, urine and blood, for example) naturally accrue in the mattress, which then become fertile homes to all kinds[…]

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The Eventful Life of Your Furniture

The furniture in your home leads an eventful life.  No matter what type of fabric you choose, it will need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it fresh and new-looking. Upholstered furniture is a large investment in most homes, along with items like carpeting, kitchen appliances and the family car.  For that reason, regular maintenance and professional cleaning will significantly prolong the attractiveness and useful life of delicate upholstery fabrics. The superior cleaning services provided by Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care[…]

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