Pet Urine Stains

pet urine stain

Is Your New Pet Ruining Your Rugs? 

You walk in the house, take off your shoes, and immediately step in a warm, wet puddle on your rug. Ugh! The reality is that a new pet is probably going to have a lot of little accidents in your home, and that one of the major causes of yellowing and browning on rugs and carpets is pet urine. But this doesn’t have to mean the total destruction of your carpet.

Your first line of defense against permanent staining is timeliness. The minute you discover what your new four-legged friend has done, is the minute you need to start with immediate spot removal techniques.

New spots may appear colorless or yellow at first and you may be able to remove with normal cleaning. Older urine spots are usually brown and are difficult to remove as the hydrochloric acid naturally found in pet urine can alter carpet and rug dye permanently.

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