pet urine stain

Pet Urine Stains

Is Your New Pet Ruining Your Rugs?  You walk in the house, take off your shoes, and immediately step in a warm, wet puddle on your rug. Ugh! The reality is that a new pet is probably going to have a lot of little accidents in your home, and that one of the major causes of yellowing and browning on rugs and carpets is pet urine. But this doesn’t have to mean the total destruction of your carpet. Your first[…]

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Fine Rug Appraisal

Fine Rug Appraisal Tips

Many appraisers only estimate the replacement value of your rugs, and while appropriate for insurance purposes, such a rug appraisal can be misleading when it comes to selling your rug. Reliable will provide you with replacement value and resale value estimates for your antique, heirloom, and generational rugs.

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Area Rug Care

Caring For Your Fine Area Rugs

Proper rug care, whether yours is a contemporary, antique or heirloom rug, can help extend its useful life. Padding, regular vacuuming, and quick attention to spills and other damage can add years of enjoyment for you and your cherished rugs. Use Padding This is particularly true if your rug has no substantial backing of its own. Padding will help keep your rugs in place and protect them from premature wear. Talk to your local rug dealer to determine the best[…]

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oriental rug 2

Buying An Oriental Rug

The purchase of a few oriental rugs can create that cozy feeling in your home at a reasonable price.  At the same time, the rug’s origin whether it’s a factory, a workshop, village or nomad rug, provides a feeling and mood from a society totally unlike the Western one. Considerations for the purchase of a rug should include: whether the rug is to be used under a table or freely in an elegant living room. the surroundings of the rug,[…]

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rug care 1

Rug Care Tips

Vacuum Regularly Rugs must be vacuumed regularly (at least weekly) to remove grit and dry soil which has a sandpaper effect. This dry soil will wear down the fibres over time and is the biggest risk to your valuable rug. Always vacuum in the direction of the pile and be very careful near fringes. Deep Soil Removal Occasionally a more thorough vacuuming will be needed to remove any soil which has worked down into the foundation. To do this vacuum[…]

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silk display

Silk or Art Silk

We’re sorry to say it, but when someone says they have a silk rug I seriously doubt that fact.  Silk area rugs are few and far between. Most of the time it is a Faux Silk or “Art Silk”. Most fake silk rugs are made with: Art Silk (ARTificial) or Faux Silk Mercerized Cotton Rayon or Viscose Man-made Silk If you see a label that says man-made silk, it is not real silk. Only silk worms can make silk.  Also,[…]

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Oriental rug

Oriental Rug Myths

Oriental rugs seem to be steeped in mysteries of the East.  It can be a rug retailer giving a “little story” with the rug to enhance the sale.  Or just wrong information which is repeated so many times it takes on a life of its own. So like Myth Busters on television let’s bust a few Rug Myths. Myth #1 – Oriental rugs are identified only by design Design is only one component used to identify rugs.  Construction, how the[…]

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Little Girl Lying on Rug with Yorkie

Rug Stain Removal Guide

Home Rug Stain Removal Guide Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care has been cleaning area rugs in the GTA for nearly two decades and we have seen and treated area rug stains of all varieties. We have compiled this guide to help you to treat some of the most common rug stains at home. Simply select and ‘click’ on a type from the table below. Before trying any of the remedies in this guide, please consider the following: Treat stains as[…]

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