3 Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

For many years now, Canadians have been using services of the carpet cleaning industry for both commercial and personal purposes. Since carpet cleaning is a much-needed service, better-serving firms have significantly gained prominence and grown in size. However, not everything has been ‘a walk in the park’. Throughout the years, many myths and misconceptions about this trade have raised their heads.

Recently, we have witnessed that the industry has grown in leaps and bounds. The credit for this can be given to the growth in products and the robust equipment that facilitates the process as well. No matter what the real reason, one thing has happened for sure: dirty or stained carpets are no longer the problem they once were. Cleaning has become the best solution to costly replacement.

However, with such growth in carpet cleaning industry, it also becomes crucial to address the misconceptions connected with it. Here are some important insights into the 3 most common misconceptions. The only purpose of this article is to provide Toronto homeowners with the correct information.

Misconception #1 – Environmental Concerns

baby on carpet

The most common myth or misconception that you have surely heard is that carpet cleaning products are harmful to the environment. The truth is that this isn’t true at all.  There are various products that have been specifically formulated to act friendly to the environment. The best thing about such cleaners is that they are soft enough to not damage the carpet fibres nor affect the surroundings, and yet powerful enough to offer the best cleaning for even the dirtiest floor coverings.

The more professional cleaners give importance to environmentally friendly products because they know that areas being cleaned are widely used by kids and pets in the home. This makes it crucial to consider the ingredients of the cleaning solutions.

Misconception #2– Carpets re-soil faster

chair on carpet

Some homeowners may think that professional cleaning is needed on a more regular basis as some residue is left behind on the carpets. This is also completely untrue and proves quite clearly that why it is so crucial to hire a local and proven carpet cleaner to do the job. You need to have faith in the professional cleaner you choose.  Just make sure that the cleaning company is known for its high-quality steam carpet cleaning in Toronto. Check the reviews from other homeowners.  Do your homework.

Misconception #3 – Cost

technician at work

One of the most common and widely believed misconceptions about carpet cleaning is that it’s expensive. The cost and level of services offered by cleaning companies vary significantly. So now your job is to find the one that not only offers top-notch services, but also charges fair and honest rates. Pricing must be transparent, without any hidden costs at all, no surprises, and no “up-selling”. Keep in mind that when it comes to steam carpet cleaning in Toronto, lowest priced quote is not always the best option.

A high-quality service may be reflected in the price to some degree. To get excellent service, the right equipment should be used with the best-available cleaning solutions and qualified, experienced technicians. When all these things are considered together, then it will offer true value for money.

It has been said that “Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get for your money.”  This has never been truer than in the carpet cleaning industry.