Buying An Oriental Rug

oriental rug 2
It is important that your new rug fits in your home.

The purchase of a few oriental rugs can create that cozy feeling in your home at a reasonable price.  At the same time, the rug’s origin whether it’s a factory, a workshop, village or nomad rug, provides a feeling and mood from a society totally unlike the Western one.

Considerations for the purchase of a rug should include:

  • whether the rug is to be used under a table or freely in an elegant living room.
  • the surroundings of the rug, such as the demands the rug has on the furniture, wallpaper and curtains.
  • which is the suitable size of the rug and
  • how much will it cost.

Keep in mind:

  • A rug below a dining table must of course withstand the wearing from table and chairs.  Pile and pattern must resist a certain amount of spillage from dinners and accidents. The size should be large enough so that the chairs, when being used, do not wear out on the edge of the rug.
  • A rug with a centrally placed medallion locks the furniture to a symmetrical placing, while a rug without a medallion gives more freedom and choices.
  • A rug which is exposed to a lot of wear should be thick and heavy so it stays in place.
  • A lonely placed rug, seldom stepped on, with a pattern and a design that draws attention, can be an advantage – a piece of jewelry.
  • A beautiful floor brings out the rug. That is one of the reasons why a rug should not cover the entire floor.
  • A too small rug in a large room can give a “poor” impression.

Take your time when choosing a rug and try to imagine how it will look when it is in place. A picture of the room where the rug is to be placed can be a great help when searching for a rug with the right colours and to match your floor and the remaining furnishings.

Placing your new rug:

When placing the rug on the floor it is best if you place it with the direction of the pile away from the light source or window. If you do this the colours look better – there is often a great difference on the colours of the rug if you place it in the opposite direction. Try it yourself if you have a handmade rug at home! You can also see examples of the differences below.

Oriental rug from above
Quality rug seen from above
oriental rug 4
Same rug viewed against the pile
oriental rug 5
Same rug viewed In the direction of the pile.

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