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Mattress Matters

A person can go crazy worrying about all the bugs, pollutants and bacteria that might be hiding in your bed.  Yuck.  Renown microbiologist Philip Tierno, PhD, in his book, The Secret Life of Germs writes: “I can think of no single place that challenges a person immunologically day in and day out more than a mattress.” Problem: Various normal body excretions (sweat, urine and blood, for example) naturally accrue in the mattress, which then become fertile homes to all kinds[…]

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The Eventful Life of Your Furniture

The furniture in your home leads an eventful life.  No matter what type of fabric you choose, it will need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it fresh and new-looking. Upholstered furniture is a large investment in most homes, along with items like carpeting, kitchen appliances and the family car.  For that reason, regular maintenance and professional cleaning will significantly prolong the attractiveness and useful life of delicate upholstery fabrics. The superior cleaning services provided by Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care[…]

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Unseen Danger – the House Dust Mite

The causes and effects of allergies have long been known and can be a serious health threat. Still allergies seem to be on the increase. They are an unwanted response of the immune system resulting in inflammation of the eyes and nose (rhinitis), lungs (asthma) and skin (eczema). It is estimated that allergies affect some 40% of the population at some time and the percentage is on the increase. One controllable culprit in the battle with allergens is the house[…]

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Myths and Facts about Carpet Cleaning

MYTHS “The carpet doesn’t look dirty enough to be cleaned” “I was told to wait a few years before having my carpets cleaned. “ “My cousin said that steam-cleaning will ruin the carpet!” “My friend said that once I have my carpets cleaned, I do not need to have any carpet protector applied.” “Expect to pay a lot for carpet cleaning.” FACTS Some carpets hide dirt more than others. It does not mean that there is no dirt there. All[…]

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Air Duct Cleaning provides more than just a cleaner home

Air Duct Cleaning Provides More than Just a Cleaner Home. Here’s why: Over time, harmful contaminants such as dust, pollens, dirt, pet hair and dander, dust mite waste material, and bacteria become trapped in your home’s air duct system. Without regular air duct cleaning, your air ducts can become hazardous to your health.  They can diminish the quality of the air in your home and contribute to illness and allergies. No matter how hard you try to give your home[…]

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Reliable Carpet Care Blog

Welcome to our blog.  We hope you enjoy reading the entries and that you find them useful. Come visit us @ (or click on the logo above) and have a look around. We would love to hear your thoughts on our new look and are open to any suggestions you have for improving the site. Thanks in advance for visiting our new site and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Carpet Cleaning

Healthy Carpet – Healthy Home

Did you know that a healthy carpet in your home can actually help keep you and your family healthy? It’s true. Carpets will act like an air filter in your home, trapping allergens and bacteria which would otherwise circulate more freely. From dust mites and mould spores to pollen and pet dander, your home is a haven for allergens. According to the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, the majority of homes have at least six common allergens. For those[…]

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Upholstery Care

Extending The Life Of Your Upholstery

No matter the quality of your upholstered furniture, without proper care your beloved furnishings may not last as long as you had hoped. Thankfully, with a little care and preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your furnishings and enjoy them for many years to come. Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations When purchasing new upholstered furniture, always review the manufacturer’s care instructions. This will help you avoid using non-recommended cleaning solutions and protective sprays and will often provide useful tips for[…]

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