Pet Odour Removal

pet odours

Noticeable odour is a common problem in homes with pets, particularly cats.  Accidents frequently happen and their accompanying smell is almost inevitable.  Unless the cat urine can be completely removed from the actual fabric itself, complete pet odour removal is unlikely.

Television ads and supermarket shelves are full of retail products that promise to combat pet odours, but they usually merely mask the odour, often just temporarily.  The odour will almost always return, sending you to the store to purchase more of their product. That’s profitable for them, but doesn’t solve your problem very well at all.

Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care has an array of tools and chemicals to attack the pet odour and actually remove the source of the odour from the fabric itself – a far more effective solution. Enzymes, for example, are a natural and effective method by which to combat many pet-related household problems.

However, it is extremely important to combat the problem as soon as it occurs. If you delay or do not at least attempt to clean it yourself, some odours may never be removed.