Pet Owner’s Guide To Choosing Flooring

Here in Canada, we love our furry friends. Almost 33% of households have dogs, while cats can be found in just under 35%  of homes according Statista, Canada. With so many pets playing a big role in our daily lives, one of the biggest considerations for pet-owners is finding the right flooring.

Get it right, and you and your four-legged companions will be able to co-exist with minimal drama. Get the choice of carpet wrong, however, and you may spend countless hours forever trying to revive your once-beautiful surfaces.

As the foremost carpet and upholstery cleaners in the GTA, we are here to guide you toward the best pet-friendly carpet for your home. Here are some of the pros and cons for carpet flooring for pet-owners, as well as how you can keep your carpet looking good.

What Pet Owners Should Bear In Mind When Shopping For Flooring

white dog on carpet

Resistance to wear and tear from your pets’ claws is one consideration for any flooring. Another consideration is stain resistance for the occasional accident or mud tracked in from outdoors.

Comfort should be one of the most important factors in choosing your flooring – not only for you, but for your pets, too!  For this reason, stone tiling is one of the least preferable options. Although it is highly resistant to scratching, it is cold in the winter and harder and less forgiving for pets walking and lying on it.

Traction is another concern, especially for dogs with their nails. If you’ve got an excitable pup, more slippery surfaces such as hardwood flooring can mean they end up taking a power slide down the corridor in their effort to run and greet you at the door.


fluffy cat

There are many benefits to using carpet flooring in your home, from comfort and warmth to the range of colours and styles perfect for adding a touch of flair. However, not all products are created equal when it comes to the best carpet for dogs and cats.

Choose carpet without loops, as these can potentially snag on your pets’ claws. Wool is a good option for durability and stain-resistance, although nylon is also cost-effective with high durability. Carpet tiles are another good option for pet-owners, as individual tiles can be easily replaced.

If you’re going to use carpet in your home with pets, one of the best ways to use it is in lower-traffic areas such as bedrooms.

· Pros:

The number one pro of carpet for pets is the comfort it provides “underpaw”. It’s a cozy place for your pets to lie down, as well as a soft landing for cats jumping down from countertops and couches. In addition, scratches from pet nails are less apparent on carpet.

· Cons:

Sometimes it’s harder to clean up accidents, and old stains can be hard to remove. While a number of  residential carpets come with a water-resistant treatment, you’ll need to work quickly to address any pet urine, faeces or vomit stains if you want to reduce the impact on your beautiful carpet.

Carpet can also be subject to greater wear and tear with pets, especially if you have more energetic cats or dogs.

Choosing The Right Colour Carpet For Your Pets

pet dog on carpet

There are two schools of thought when it comes to picking your carpet colour. One is to pick a colour that is as close as possible to your pet’s hair.  This will minimize the appearance of pet hair in between vacuuming.

Another approach is to choose a mid to darker shade. This tends to lessen the visual appearance of residual stain marks over time and disguise the effects of wear and tear.

Carpet Care And Maintenance With Pets

Using doormats at entrances can help to catch any excess dirt or debris your pets bring inside. If you have dogs, keep their nails trimmed to minimize the impact on the carpet. Also be sure to address any accidents as soon as possible to prevent the substance from reaching the pile and causing more permanent damage.

And Finally, Regular Professional Cleaning

Carpet manufacturers recommend that a residential carpet should be professionally cleaned at least 18 to 24 months for best performance and optimum indoor air quality.  More often if pets and/or children are present and perhaps even more often if you are a smoker.

A carpet that is maintained on a regular basis will last longer and provide a healthier indoor environment.  Reliable Carpet is the foremost professional carpet cleaning company in the GTA.  You can have confidence in our service.