Carpet construction and characteristics

Are you in the market for new carpet for your home? There are so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start. The following may help you understand the types of carpet and which may be best for you.

Popular Carpet Construction Types:

Textured Plush Pile


Textured Plus is the most decoratively versatile type of cut-pile carpet.  Its textured surface is good for hiding vacuum marks and footprints, and even looks terrific between vacuuming.  Textured plus adds a casual beauty and is considered a great “anywhere-in-the-house” carpet.

Saxony Pile

saxony plush

Saxony carpet has a refined cut-pile surface and is smooth with a soft finish.  It is a beautiful addition to traditional interiors and adds a distinctive elegance to the surrounding décor.  Although it shows subtle highlights and accents, it is considered ideal for dining and living rooms.

Berber Loop-Pile

berber loop pile

Berber Loop-Pile is an older construction and has a wool-like appearance and rugged loop surface.  Its natural appearance creates a warm, personal atmosphere in the room, but yet its tight texture conceals footprints and marks very well.  Because Berber loop-pile comes in a variety of subtle patterns, it is widely considered most suitable for a contemporary or country-style look.

Berber Cut-Pile

berber cut pile

Berber Cut-Pile is a newer version of the traditional berbers in that it retains all the colour and appeal of the loop berber, but with the plushness of thick cut pile carpeting.  This style of pile has extraordinary versatility and performs very well in children’s rooms and rec rooms. The subtle flecks throughout are very forgiving, hiding soil well.

Cut/Loop Pile

cut-loop pile

Cut-Loop carpet displays a carved definition and its soil-hiding multicolour effects have long been a decorator’s darling.  You will frequently see it in accent colours from a wide range of soft tones to bolder colour combinations.

Commercial Loop

Commercial loop pile

A Commercial Loop construction is a durable and long-wearing carpet, specifically manufactured for areas experiencing high traffic. Professional offices particularly appreciate its colour availability, and its tight texture provides highlights that blend nicely with any décor.

Armed with this new knowledge, we hope you will be better able to choose the type of carpet best suited for you.

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