Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Carpet Cleaning

Freezing butt off

When the temperatures plummet and the kids are back to school after their winter break, taking care of major cleaning tasks might be the last item on your mind. After all, you’ve just finished a busy holiday season. If you hosted the holidays at your house this year, chances are someone spilled a bit of wine or your great aunt’s dog left behind some reminders of his presence.

After a season of hosting events, you don’t quite feel like spending any more money or doing any more work around the house. However, take some time to rest and then consider a professional carpet cleaning. By the time the first barbecue of the summer occurs, your carpets will be lustrous, and you’ll have returned to being your usual dazzling host/hostess.

A SAD-resistant home

Winter can be beautiful, but dark. Unfortunately for many it can also bring seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The exact cause of SAD is unknown but many doctors attribute it to a lack of sunlight. Without enough sunshine the body doesn’t absorb as much Vitamin D. It also doesn’t create as much serotonin or melatonin, which influence moods and sleeping patterns.

If you have symptoms of SAD, why not try cleaning to beat the winter blues? Your dirty carpet stains may actually contribute to your seasonal affective disorder. A clean carpet may not eliminate the symptoms completely, but it could certainly help!

Added Humidity

 Static electricity in the home is common during in our cold, dry Canadian winters.  You walk across the carpet, touch a metal door frame, and get a nasty jolt.  Very unpleasant. Humidifiers add some moisture to the air, but what a nuisance! Getting your carpets cleaned during this time will add some badly needed moisture to the air, at least for a little while.  And the carpets will dry amazingly quickly.

Technician Availability

 The largest and most trusted carpet cleaning firms such as Reliable will be quite busy during the summer months, frequently booking weeks in advance.  Not so in the 3 early months of the year.  This offers you an excellent opportunity to easily book your cleaning at the most ideal date and time for you.

 Eliminate Bugs Now

 During the colder months, pesky bugs in the house might not bother you as much. You may assume that they all died. That may be partly true. Or they could be lying dormant in the carpet, ready to appear at the first sign of Spring. Bugs can pose serious problems. Bed bugs are nasty little critters, and they can certainly live in the carpet. Fleas may also hide in the carpets so that they can jump onto your pets. If that happens, the health of your children is compromised. Now is the time to take care of insects before they become a real problem.


You may worry about getting professional carpet cleaning done because you don’t know if you can afford it. However, people often have a little bit of extra money at this time of year.  Your Christmas purchases are behind you, and it’s too soon to worry about an extravagant summer vacation. When you check into the affordable prices available and consider the advantages, you’ll see that now is an opportune time.

Preparing Homes for Showing

While real estate is bought and sold all year long, Spring is the most popular time for homes to go on the market. Perhaps you are considering putting your own home up for sale this year. If the carpets are stained or have bugs, you can be sure that it will be more difficult to sell the home than if it was in the best condition possible. Now is the time to prepare for that profitable sale you want to make in the next few months.

Green Cleaning Products

Some worry about getting their carpets cleaned during the winter because of the chemicals involved. You’ll be happy to know that Reliable uses citrus-based cleaning solutions, safe for children and pets.  You will know what you are doing is right for your home and the environment. You need not vacate the house during the process. Just keep children and pets away from freshly-cleaned areas until they are thoroughly dry.

Other Services

While you’re at it, think about taking this process beyond just carpet cleaning. Reliable Carpet offers many other quality services to consider. For example, you may have an area rug (one of our specialties) that has not been cleaned and/or repaired in awhile. Or perhaps some of your upholstery is starting to show soil – the natural effects of a busy family life.  We also clean drapery and sheers to perfection. Check out our website, and consider the different combinations. See how much you can have done with the time and money you have available and what makes the most sense for you.


When the snow is falling and the temperatures are dropping, turn your mind to some things around the house that need to be done, and you’ll likely see that our professional cleaning is one of them.