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Care And Maintenance
Upholstered Furniture

Upholstery care and maintenance tips from Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care

Upholstery Care and Maintenance

The useful life of upholstered furniture can be increased if the consumer follows a few simple fabric protection rules. It is important that a fabric be chosen that is appropriate for its intended use.

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Weekly vacuuming or light brushing of your upholstered furniture helps to remove soil and protect fabric from the embedding of dirt or grime between fibres which can increase abrasion and wear.

Start by lifting cushions off sofas and chairs. Use a small handheld vacuum or the brush and crevice tools of a larger vacuum to clean under the seat cushions and the surrounding nooks that cover the frame. Then vacuum the cushions.

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Cushion Turning

The life of upholstered cushions can be increased through periodic turning. The weekly reversal of loose cushions will allow even distribution of wear over long periods of time.

You should rotate both the cushion's position (i.e. from the left to the right side of a couch), and flip the cushion if it is reversible. This helps ensure even wear on the cushion's exterior and keeps the filling evenly distributed.

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Fabric Protection

Fabric protection helps to increase the useful life of upholstered furniture by protecting fabrics from soil and stains. Some fabric protections are mill applied and others can be applied in the store or at home.

A protective finish does not eliminate the necessity of proper fabric care. Loose dirt should be vacuumed and brushed away before it becomes embedded and harder to remove. Spills and stains should be cleaned away quickly following manufacturer's fabric care code instructions for furniture cleaning.

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Know Your Cleaning Codes

Cleaning codes are listed on furniture tags to inform consumers as to which cleaning method is safest for their fabric. If your furniture is not coded, test cleaning solutions on a hidden part of the furniture before spot cleaning.

  • W: Use only water-based cleaning agents such as mild detergent.
  • S: Spot-clean with a water-free solvent or dry cleaning solution.
  • S-W: Spot clean with solvent or water-based foam.
  • X: Clean fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing to remove soil.
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Professional Cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended for all fabrics and leathers. A thorough professional cleaning will not only restore the appearance of your furnishings, but will also remove odours, allergens, and stains. Having your furniture inspected by a professional may also help you to identify early signs of wear.

Everyday furniture should be cleaned every 24 months. If you have children and/or pets, every year is more appropriate. If your furniture is due for a professional cleaning, call on Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care.